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November 2008 sees the release of a much revered collection of songs by one of South Africa’s most treasured rock bands.

In the early 1990’s, South African musicians and audiences alike where in search of an identity to call their own. SUGARDRIVE answered that call in ’94 and embarked on a journey that would span more than a decade. They flew the flag for originality, self-belief and re-invention.

Five SAMA nominations and three awards was testament to the importance of SUGARDRIVE’S impact on the SA music industry. Abroad, they were at a level that was never overshadowed by the bands they shared stages with, Alanis Morissette says of the band, “I had no expectations of them, but they are a great band, they make interesting choices of chords and they have unusual courage in their lyrics – men don’t usually have this.”

SUGARDRIVE never swayed from their work ethic, relentless touring, self promotion and pioneering ideas became an inspiration for bands that would follow.

With numerous number 1 singles and top ten hits, one cannot deny the quality of their music. This being said, many critics believe thatSUGARDRIVE was a band ahead of its time, so with the band choosing to pay homage to themselves, “In a place (that takes a little getting used to)” will certainly bring an emotional tear of joy to its decade and a half of fans, and a flutter in the ears of a new generation Y.

“In a place (that takes a little getting used to)” covers the band’s career over five releases. The album allows fans to re-live songs like the major hit ‘Disco Lazarus’, fan favourite ‘Road’ as well as cult classic ‘I Love You. Discuss’.  Rarities include the remake of ‘Navelgazer’ inspired by a State of the Nation collaboration with Plum. Two songs represent the band’s famed live performances; the epic rocking version of ‘Wired’ from Oppikoppi 1998 as well as the intimate version of ‘Meteor’ live at the Bassline.

The band intends to support the album release with selected live performances through the course of 2009. All four members of the band have over the last three years given rise to solo careers and the formation of new bands, this brings credibility to SUGARDRIVE, its members and the release of “In a place (that takes a little getting used to)”

“They built the South African modern rock monument from the foundation up, delivering music that placed them light years ahead of the mainstream. When Sugardrive rocked, everybody rolled!” - Jason Curtis

“For me Sugardrive represented a flavour, a time and a place in the South African rock revolution of the 90’s that filled a void – via their melancholy, sensitive but powerful sound which was much needed in a time of very hard grunge orientated music… my favourite song of all time is ‘Disco Lazarus’.” - Arno Carstens

“Sugardrive might well have been the last of the experimental South African rock ‘n roll troubadors. They were always the band that you want to be dancing to when the bomb drops” - Jon Monsoon

“Sugardrive were by far the most adventurous rock band of their time, displaying a rare ability to combine memorable, guitar-driven melodies with a visceral energy that had its most potent form when the band took to the stage.” - Diane Coetzer

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November 2008 sees the release of a much revered collection of songs by one of South Africa’s most treasured rock bands.

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