Peter Lacey

Peter Lacey is a successful entrepreneur who comes from a background in the entertainment software industry, having successfully built S.A’s largest  independent entertainment software company, Vision Software, before selling it to Electronic Arts (EA) and running the African division for four years.

Peter has always taken pride in the fact that South Africa has tremendous talent, both in software development and musical ability, and that all we ever needed was a channel to the international market to develop that intellectual property offering. Peter is a huge music fan, having been a DJ at college.  When he decided to leave EA in 2000 there was only one thing he wanted to do: create a music company with a global reputation for great music. To achieve this goal he created a partnership with Brian O’Shea.

Peter handles all exploitation and other business activities.  These include a world class production facility, publishing, personaland business management arms to young artists striving to break out of the traditional low income base artists presently have in this country.  To this extent Musketeer Records now have Cape Town based management offering, headed by Sean Wienand begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Headline Artists), to take artists beyond our borders.

Peter was instrumental in bringing both Seether and Candîce onto the Musketeer Records label in 2000 and has worked closely with them to take their albums to a worldwide audience.

Peter also brought the first Englishman, Danny Miles, to the South African Maskandi market (Izingwe Zomhlaba). Peter then took on the A&R role as well as leading the company and spends as much time as is possible both scouting for new talent and days working demos in studios into commercial successful product. This has seen Musketeer release more than 35 albums across the last ten years and deliver to South African audiences more than 75 songs recognisable across wide tracts of the country.



Brian O’Shea

Brian O’Shea moved to South Africa at the age of 18 from his native Scotland. Since then he has been heavily involved in the South African music scene, as a successful artist, writer and producer. He is now arguably South Africa’s leading songwriter/producer and has had over 150 chart topping singles in the last 15 years. Brian has worked with the majority of South Africa’s most successful recent rock and pop acts including:

  • Qcumba Zoo (Arista), who were signed to Clive Davis’ Arista label in the US in 1997. Brian produced the debut album, and co-wrote a couple of tracks.
  • Sugardrive (Gallo), one of South Africa’s most popular rock bands in the last 5 years, have a release in Australia and played Big Day Out 2001 with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Coldplay etc. They have won two SAMA awards for Best Album and Best Single. Brian has produced all their albums.
  • Watershed (EMI), who have sold around 100k units of their debut album, In the Meantime, since its release in April 2000, including releases in Germany and elsewhere across Northern Europe. Brian produced the whole album and co-wrote several songs.
  • Seether (Musketeer), now signed to Wind Up in the USA, with 1 gold and 2 platinum selling albums around the world from 2003 to 2010.
  • Idols (BMG) Starting In 2002 and extending through 2007 Brian extended his run of success into the pop genre with the recording of the South African Idols 1 winner Heinz Winckler’s debut album and Idols 2 winner , Anke Pietrangellie’s debut album. Both their debut singles also went platinum in South Africa.  Subsequently Brian has worked with most of the Idols on their albums.

Already recognised as one of the best and most consistent producers in South Africa, Brian is always the first choice to work on big signings for the major labels . These include Arno Carstens, Louise Carver and Jesse Clegg (all gold selling albums).Through all this success Brian’s passion remains delivering talent and projects to Musketeer.



Vusi Mthembu

Vusi Mthembu started his career in the early days of the new South Africa, as part of a consulting firm where he successfully landed the SAA contract and so began a lucrative entrepreneurial career.

When Corobrik Durban were looking to offload their non-core assets, Vusi saw a gap in the market and bought Glazed Ceramic Products off them. In realising profit for the company and re-establishing it’s brand, ne effectively launched his standing and as he gained experience he purchased a number of business, negotiated take over’s and sought out partnerships.

He is now The Chairman of Sandton based company Northern Spark Trading. It is a Euro-African trade company seeking out private companies looking to grow their business and investing time and money in developing new markets for them. In this regard he is currently expanding into Liberia and Zambian Projects as the company extends its influence across Africa.

When Vusi, Brian and Peter met they immediately recognised the multiple talents that each party brought to the table and have subsequently had Vusi installed as chairman of Musketeer Records in a partnership that is intended to deliver on the plans laid in place by Peter and Brian      ….”taking South African intellectual property to a worldwide market”

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